How Is Your Job Affecting Car Insurance Rates

Insurance is based on the idea of predetermined risk, and car insurance companies take into account every relevant aspect of your life when they calculate your rates. They often go far beyond your driving history, age, gender and driving habits. Some insurance companies include your job and education as factors in determining your car insurance payments.  Find out how your job is affecting car insurance rates and buy auto insurance online after getting and comparing some quotes from our website.

Car insurance policySome insurance companies ask about your education level and current job to calculate your auto insurance premium. Recent studies from consumer groups reveal that many insurers will use this information to charge lower income workers higher premiums for liability coverage. The reality is that insurers want to charge more for risk. Some jobs attract safe drivers. For example, scientists pay some of the lowest auto insurance rates. Engineers, teachers, and pilots also get the best rates. And any insurance company will want to attract a pool of stable and low risk drivers.

Some occupations like doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, business owners and executives or salespeople are charged higher than the rest. These jobs often involve high stress levels, overtime, and lack of sleep, accident levels can be much higher than the average among drivers who hold these occupations. Plus, many of these jobs require the driver to travel to and from client meetings. So, having a stressful job that also involves travelling will significantly increase the risk of being involved in an accident and the associated costs of car insurance premiums.

On the opposite, scientists, pilots, teachers and first responders are considered low risk and are charged lower.  These professions are considered stable and require a very detail-oriented personality type, thus they are associated with lower accident rates.

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