How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance for Teen Drivers

Being a teen and having to pay for car insurance may seem an expensive endeavor. But it’s not always like this. Find out how to get cheaper car insurance for teen drivers and visit our website for free quotes car insurance.

carIf possible, stay on your parent’s insurance, with you as secondary driver. This can be an effective strategy particularly if your parents have a good driving record without car insurance claims.  When a young driver goes on their parent’s policy you are creating a multi-policy with a discount.  However, adding a teen driver can add more risk. As a younger driver you want to talk to your agent or broker and compare the difference in price when you are on your parent’s policy and without. But no matter if you decide to buy coverage just for yourself, or stick with your parents’ one, you should always compare prices. You can easily get online quotes.

Raising deductibles is another smart thing to do, not only for teen drivers. In many cases, when you buy a new car, you must pay for comprehensive and collision coverage. If your vehicle is leased or financed then you aren’t going to be able to drop the coverages, but you may be able to raise deductibles, in order to pay cheaper premiums.

Being a good student has also some benefits. If you have a “B” average then get a copy of your report card and show it to the insurer. Then ask for discounts. Companies appreciate hard working students, who spend time at night studying.

Building a good credit score will impact your premiums positively.  You might want to get a credit card to start building your credit. Once the insurer see that you are financially responsible then over time your insurance rates could decline.

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