Tips For Getting Cheaper Auto Insurance

No matter if you have a shiny new car or a rusty old bucket, getting car insurance is a must for staying legal on the road.  The good news is that you have more control over factors that influence your auto insurance rates than those that affect other types of insurance, such as life insurance or home insurance. Check our list with top tips for cheap car insurance and visit our website, for auto insurance online quotes.

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    Compare prices online.

The No. 1 key to finding affordable car insurance is to find and compare cheap car insurance quotes in your area, which you can do by entering your ZIP code. You will be asked for a series of information, regarding the vehicle you drive, your driving habits and coverage options. Just remember to make sure you are comparing like for like cover, with deductibles set at the same level and including any extras that you’d usually add on.

  1. Increase deductibles.

Some policies, like comprehensive or collision auto insurance, require a deductible before the insurer starts reimbursing. By selecting a higher deductible, you will assume more financial responsibility and the insurer will lower the premiums, sometimes with up to 40% if you choose the highest deductible level. On a long term, this investment will pay off.

  1. Do not add too many options.

It is always nice to have certain extras, it makes us feel safe. But these extra services and options may well make you pay more than it is necessary. Make sure to add only the most important extras. Bundling add-ons is bad for your pockets.

  1. Try to obtain all available discounts.

You can get discounts for all sort of things: being a good driver, no claims discount, driver education, good student, low mileage, safety devices and so on. Talk with an agent and see for which discounts you qualify for.

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