Unusual Causes for Car Damage

When it comes to car insurance, what most people worry about are traffic accidents. And statistics show that they are justified with having these concerns, since a great number of traffic accidents happen every year on the nation’s roads. It is exactly why auto insurance is mandated by law in most states. However, although traffic collisions are the main threats to motor vehicles, there is also the possibility of damage from more unusual causes. For non-collision related damage, there is comprehensive auto insurance. But what exactly are these causes? Check our website and get free car quotes insurance!

@ autoFor one thing, there is the “human factor”. That is, the probability that your vehicle gets damaged by direct human action. In some cases, this can mean an isolated act of vandalism, possibly motivated by the intention of stealing something from inside your car. This is why it is very important that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle when it is parked, and if you have no choice, at least make sure that they are properly concealed. In other cases, your vehicle might be an unfortunate “collateral victim” of some mass riot, and mass riots can get violent and looting, vandalism and arson are very likely in such a scenario.

And then there are natural disasters. Depending on where you live, these can be statistically likely, like if you are living in a hurricane-prone area. In such a case, you car can be hit by falling objects, or in can be washed away by floods. But there can be more unexpected natural hazards which can damage your car even if your area is not particularly known for such events. For instance, if a massive hailstorm happens, that can definitely cause damage to your vehicle, at least as far as the windows are concerned. And besides weather-related damage, there is also the possibility of hitting a large animal, which can also cause damage.

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